You Are Worthy

 The You Are Worthy piece was the first time that I created a series for myself instead of my audience. My relationship with my body has never been consistent. As every female, the journey to developing a healthy body image is and will always be a process. I can finally say that my journey is coming into a season of true acceptance. My body is alive, breathing and speaking. I was continually so stuck inside of my head believing these lies about myself that I couldn’t hear what my body was saying. I think that its something that I am still learning how to do; how to listen, to truly listen. If I am working on a project that involves me staring at my laptop for 6-8hrs, I need to acknowledge that my body wants to move. That my body needs to stretch and breathe in fresh air. I am also learning how my body responds to certain foods and at different times of the day. Just taking the time to be in a mindset that is engaged with how I am feeling and what my body needs are so important.

Outside of my relationship with my body, there lies an even bigger conversation of the body image of women within the Christian community.  Allot of my shame and fear of causing “other brothers to fall into sin” was caused by these toxic mentalities that come from the church. Modesty is needed for sure but so is self-control. I learned that it is not my responsibility to constantly worry about how my body is going to make someone else feel. It is my responsibility to have constructive conversations with my fellow brothers in Christ about these issues. 

My intention for the piece was to empower other women to love their body, to listen to their body, and to honor their body. We are made in the image of God, we are royalty period point blank. 

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