Anjelic Owens (b.1994) is a visual artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BS in Mathematics at Illinois State University and MFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design. 

My practice is an exploration of the interconnected layers in societal structures. My practice continues to investigate the intricacies of systemic injustice in relation to marginalized black and brown communities. Through my work the excavation process serves to develop new ways for folks to engage within these systems. With common themes of privilege, accessibility, white supremacy, agency, and inter-generational trauma, I began to redefine how I utilize photography. I gravitated towards the creation of space and its ability to affect our emotional sensibility. This process has developed into a combination of installation, sound and ready-made objects into the space. As my practice has become more socially engaged, it has given me the framework to use the tools of institutional critique in relation to the academic space.

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